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We have a wide range of tent that could fit your size needs from a 10×10 tent to A 20×60 tent, our high quality tents keeps out the sun creating an atmosphere under The tent 10-15 degrees cooler, tents are also good to shield you from the rain. Besides the gaming area, the dinner/lunch/cocktail table is where people mingle, eat and be merry. Increase engagements and make them feel homelike by offering them comfortable and pretty chairs. We offer tables and chairs of variety of heights, sizes, and designs to create your desired event layout.

Table Rentals Miami

Alpha Miami Party rental provide you with many type of tables from round table to rectangular tables in different type of size and shape depending on how many people you want to seat per table.

60 inch Round Table 

Could seat up to 10 people each table stands 29 inch high with a 60 inch diameter. Amazing folding table good for events party and more.

8ft Rectangle Table 

Could seat up to 10 people each with a length of 96 inches a width of 30 inches and a height of 29 inches.

6 ft Rectangle Table

Could seat up to 8 people each with a length of 72 inches a width of 30 inches and a height of 29 inches.

Kids folding table 

Could seat up to 6 kids with a length of 48 inches a width of 24 inches and a height of 22 inches.

36 inch round Cocktail Table

Could fit up to 3 people each table stands 42 inches high with a 36 inch in diameter. Cocktail tables are great to put food and drinks and for those guests that don’t like to seat down here is a great option.

48 inch round table

Could seat up to 5 people each table stands 29 inch high with a 48 inch diameter. Great for small reunion space saver and easy to fold up.

Chair Rentals Miami

Alpha party rental offers various type of chairs from an elegant event to kids chairs rental, chairs are always good to have on an event or party it keeps your guest comfortable and ready to enjoy that special moment.

White Samsonite folding chairs

White Samsonite folding chairs 

White Resign folding chairs 

Kids chairs 

Bridal shower chair 

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