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Hosting an outdoor party with fresh air, sunshine, and birds chirping seems all fine, until the mother nature crashes your party without warning. This is why, you need tents to protect your guests from intemperate weather and bugs through our beautifully designed and high-quality tents.

Tent Rentals, Miami Party Rental

Tent 10×10 Seats up to 10 people.

Tent 10×20 Seats up to 30 people.

Tent 20×30 Seats up to 70 people.

Tent 15×15 Seats up to 30 people.

Tent 20×20 Seats up to 50 people.

Tent Wall 

Tent Globe Light 

This globe light comes in handy especially when your event it’s on the evening. Take advantage of this unique globe lights and make your event unforgettable.

Tent 20×40 Seats up to 90 people.

Portable Fan 

Pedestal Fan 

Hot and humid day? No air? Take advantage of Alpha Miami Party Rental pedestal fan and let’s get some air flowing along.