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Dunk Tank Rental Miami

Rent the popular Dunk Tank from Alpha Party Rentals and challenge your guests to a classic party game! It is a time-honored tradition where partygoers can dunk one lucky volunteer if they manage to toss the ball right into the target! Dunk tanks are a great addition to any community festival, corporate gathering, or other event. Additionally, we offer other exciting rental options like bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and interactive games. For all your party equipment and dunk tank rental needs, Alpha Party Rental is the company to call! 

Funfairs, fundraisers, and parties usually use this attraction, also known as a dunking booth. Dunking tanks usually feature a large tank of water and a seat suspended over it. By making contact with a target, the seat will tip or fall into the tank of water, thus submerging anyone sitting on it.

Every one of us can probably imagine someone sitting on the seat of a dunk tank rental, just waiting for the water to splash them. It’s quite common to rent our dunk tank for fundraising events and business picnics because who doesn’t want to dunk their boss? We provide 3 large softballs for our dunk tank rental so that everyone can have a good time. Located in Miami, FL, Alpha Party Rentals is an honest and reliable party rental company. Please contact us today to get your dunk tank rentals.

Please note you will need a 6 foot path to where the Dunk Tank will be placed as well as a hose and water source. We do not provide water.

For more information about our dunk tank rentals in Miami, and to book a dunk tank today, please click here.

Call (305) 303-5870 for availability.

what a better way to bring some competition to a party gets a hold of the alpha dunk tank,
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