Concession Machines Rental Miami

Concession machines Rentals its a great addition to any celebration, party or event Whether it’s a snow cone machine, popcorn, hot dog or cotton candy Alpha Miami Party Rental is your last stop. Our table stand concession machine will get your guest eating in no time and we provide you enough servings to feed 50 people you don’t have to go no were.

Pop Corn Machine ($49 + tax)

Wow what a great machine to take advantage of especially on a movie night or party. This concession machines comes with your popcorn bags, butter, salt and popcorn include we provide 50 servings ready to party.

Snow Cone Machine ($49 + Tax)

In this Miami hot weather a snow cone machine will be idea great for any event or party it will keep you and guest refresh. This concession machines comes with your snow cone cones, and your syrup the only thing you need to get its two bags of ice we provide you with servings for 50 people and let’s get ready to party.

Cotton Candy Machine ($49 + Tax)

Can’t Go Wrong with something sweet it will sweeten you and your guest specially your kids; what a way to run jump and waste some energy. This concession machine comes with your cotton candy sugar and your cones, servings for 50 people who’s ready to eat some sugar.

Hot Dog Machine ($49 + Tax)

Great for any event that evolves some cooking this great commercial hot dog roller machine could grill 25 hot dogs at the same time; servings are not includes, this hot dog roller it’s an extremely efficient machine simple and comfortable to use.

Generator ($55 + Tax)

Doing an event at park or in an open place were there’s no electricity? Here at Alpha party Rental we offer Generator to solve that problem we provide you with a commercial generator ready to solve your party needs full of gas which will last you of to five hours.