Kids love to have fun and we try our best to make it easy on them; Alpha Miami party Rental has a big variety of regular bounce house from A full face unit to a multi-color unit and if you would like to add a theme to You party we have a wide selection for a small additional fee; Looking for something more interactive for your kids we have toddlers unit Available which it come with Bing bags, tunnels, stairs, and more in which It would definitely keep your child entertain.

Bounce Houses

Full Face

ONLY $99.00

Bounce house with your favorite character

ONLY $89.00

Castle Pink & Multicolor

ONLY $89.00

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Select from a wide selection of Alpha Miami Party Rental bounce house from a Full face bounce house, Regular theme bounce house and castle Bounce House. Our Regular bounce houses are 13ft wide and 13ft long such as the full theme Bounce house and the castle bounce house, the different between our bounceHouses is that the full face bounces are originally made to with a specific theme, The regular theme bounce house is a multicolor unit that has the option to put any Type of theme you’re looking for, and the regular castle bounce house you can’t Put a theme to it because the unit don’t have that option.