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A birthday is one of those days where you receive endless love and validation from everyone. A combination of several aspects makes your birthday the perfect moment of the year. Especially for children, birthdays tend to be more exciting and something they look forward to at least several weeks prior.

Arranging a birthday party for the young ones is exciting and most rewarding. Along with gifts one of the best things about birthdays is the communion of friends and family.

However, due to the current global situation and the risk of virus lingering in the state, there is a high possibility that you would be able to arrange a grand birthday surprise with a lot of people.

If you are looking for ideas that will signify the birthday from the regular days at home, read below!

Fun Activities For Birthday Celebration At Home

If in your party everyone is standing in a corner with their cup of drink talking to people they already know then your party is likely to be a failure.

Depending on the person’s age there are several best things you can do at home for a memorable yet home confined birthday party. Below the birthday activities are divided into three categories around which all events revolve.


If you have invited several people from different social circles (i.e: work, childhood, school, etc) then games will certainly promote interaction between these people.

Nothing hypes the environment more than a few friendly competitive games especially if it’s a kids’ party but there are several games for adults too. A game on a birthday could be anything from a session of truth and dare to pin the donkey tail with a blindfold.

One of the innovative games that I would like to mention is the pick your snack game. it has recently made rounds on social media through TikTok was introduced by a group of Asian kids getting creative. Using the basic theme you can explore different themes.

What do you do in the game? Basically to arrange this game you will create different levels of achievable targets with a reward or punishment or a combination of both. You can make the targets achievable by a rolling ball or can, darts, shuffled numbers, etc.

Depending on the target the ball or the dart stops when the person receives a gift, does a dare, gets a pie in the face, answers a question, etc.

If you are arranging a birthday party for kids, this game can be really fun with snacks as a prize included.

The second worthwhile game relates to validation for the birthday person starting from the teens. Gather around a circle and ask everyone to describe the birthday person in one word/ best traits/ best memories. Everyone can also share memories and then ask your birthday person to rate them out of ten.

Photo Booth:

In this century of Instagram active people, taking pictures is mandatory in every event no matter what. Pictures are a form of celebration and happy times. So, what would be better than specifically dedicating an area of your house for pictures?

You can dedicate this area to exceptional decorations and by creating a booth/ frame for photos. You can also place several kinds of probs in a basket near the photo area. Most of the photo pros are easy and cheap to buy and you can also DIY.

Remember to keep the lighting better in this area.

Fun Snack Bar:

Several birthday parties often include a BBQ session with close friends and family but if you are not serving proper meals then a fun snack area is mandatory. You can add several kinds of snacks such as a chocolate dip for marshmallow, cheese and crackers, favorites candies, chips, and even different flavors of pop-corns. Just make sure that the snacks you are placing are easy to eat and don’t create a mess.

If you are inviting slightly a large number of guests then it would be better to rent some cups and plates, or you also use environmentally friendly disposable plates and cups.

How to do Birthday Decorations At home?

If you want to do the above things mentioned at home, you will need to make some space inside the house spending on the number of people you want to invite. Make some space by pushing back the sofas and tables.

If you are lacking, you can also rent a small number of chairs and tables from any rental company. They come clean and colored themed as well. You can use the table for snack bars or a game destination.

For decorations, you will need balloons (best if filled with helium), fairy or colored lights, ribbons, and banners. Use pictures for a personalized touch. You and also your characters mask if the person belongs to any fandom. If you want the house a bit more decorative than the basics, ask the rental company for options.