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A birthday party is super exciting, not just for the person it is being arranged for, but for the entire squad that comes together to plan it. With your birthday friend is awaiting a huge surprise with all the loved ones gathered for a grand birthday setup, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders. It is now up to you to get everything in order and plan a birthday that leaves your friends thrilled.

The Main Attractions

A birthday party has to look majestic to please your friend celebrating their big day. The more efforts you put in the setup, the bigger you’ll make the birthday girl or boy smile. You could use party tent rental services to get all the stuff you wish to have in your party. Here’s all you can do to add flair in your parties and make them even more stirring.

  • A bouquet of fresh flowers and a floral design of the party
  • Fancy lights covering the room and giving it a royal look
  • Attractive decorations that include sticking balloons, ribbons, and a huge birthday banner
  • A glittery theme to make the setup sparkle and give all the majestic vibes
  • A chandelier to top the look off by making the room bright and elegant
  • Polaroid and frames of the good memories from the past
  • A loud music system with a screen to show all the videos and photos prepared

Arranging the Ideal Birthday Party

The part where you bring all your ideas and supplies together is arranging the party. It requires considering all you can do and putting a list together for everything you wish to set up in the party. Taking one step at a time, here’s how you arrange the perfect birthday party.

Plan a Venue

The first step you need to take is to decide where the party is going to be held. It could be a hall, garden, birthday person’s house, or in a tented setup as well. However, the venue will depend significantly upon the number of guests you invite to the event so you can choose the one that accommodates everyone comfortably.

Decide the Guests

Prepare a guest list and jot down the name of every person you wish to host in the party. The list needs to have all those whose presence will make the birthday even joyous and cheery.

Arrange Food and Beverages

You need to arrange for the cake, firstly. And so, it can be a personalized cake with a picture of the birthday person on it. Also, the food and drinks for the guests will include the tiny cupcakes, muffins, pastries, along with the super refreshing margarita, slushes and wine.

Fetch the Decorations

What makes a party fancy is the decoration done in it. The decorations will include all the fancy lights, ribbons, balloons, confetti, and all the glittery stuff that will brighten the room and make it look gorgeous.

Set a Theme

The theme of the party will give the party an extra touch of fancy while highlighting the perfection of arrangements made by you.

Set Up a Party Rental

For a one-day event, it is highly suggestible that you avail rental services for equipment instead of paying loads of money to get something that will go back in your garage on being used once only. It will include tables, chairs, and tents set up in the party.

Choosing a Party Tent Rental

As you decide to hold the party in a tented setup, the first thing you need is a tent and all the supporting tools to help it stand. With the numerous options available of getting a pole tent, clear wedding tent,  frame event tent, century events tent, or a wedding canopy tent, you have quite the variety to pick from.

Also, you will have to consider a few factors while setting up the tent that involve the surface of the tent, firstly. There will be a massive difference between setting a tent on the carpet or on the grass. Secondly, the number of people expected will be a major point to note as well. Further, the kind of items inside will also determine what kind of tent that should be used to cover everything and keep it protected.

Planning Fun-Filled Activities

The party will need to have some exhilarating activities to ensure the guests and birthday person are entertained throughout the time they spend at the party. Here are some suggestions for you to set up in your birthday bash.

  • A Mini Spa
  • Game Night
  • Movie Screening
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Barbecue
  • Karaoke Night
  • Smack The Piñata
  • Recalling Memories

Summing It Up

One of the most anticipated days in the year is your birthday. It marks for celebrations as you get a year older and wiser. However, arranging a birthday party for a friend or family is even more fun as you get to plan a day full of surprises and smiles. However, it can be a little exhausting as well. But with our help, you won’t be left clueless at any point of the celebration.